Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm pretty sure nothing makes me happier than spending a day in the fall and one or more in the spring working alongside OHA's great volunteers to clean and spiff up the theater for the coming season. Last Saturday we had so much fun: the doors flung open and passers-by sticking their heads in; Cathy Marshall (Seamark's director) showing up to paint in her wonderfully paint-spattered painting pants, and doing a beautiful job of giving our expanded concessions counter coats of OHA Red and OHA Yellow; Michele Leveque of El El Frijoles making our stage the cleanest in the COUNTRY; Ted Crouch quietly fixing the broken window and back door of the office; Tinker and Sharon scrubbing the green room; and me crawling all over, organizing the shop (!), hoisting things up to the catwalk and out to the deck . . . the place took on this magical smell of what can only be called, well, love: and by the time I shut all the doors and turned out the lights I was sad to go home. You can catch the magic, too, Saturday May 23 when we hold another volunteer cleaning day. I'm not making this up: the magic is there.