Friday, February 27, 2015

Behind the Scenes: Nellie & Jack

A lot of woman/man-power goes in to every movie and show being produced on the Opera House stage, but here at OHA we don’t simply rely on humans to get things done. Since the beginning we’ve had an Opera House dog to help out with the day-to-day activities of the organization. As most of you know, we currently have two pups carrying the load of OHA’s canine responsibilities. However, while this pair is friendly, they’re not overly verbose – so while you know them, you may not knowthem.
Jack&Nellie_InterviewJack & Nellie spreading cheer in this endless winter.
1. Where did you grow up?
Jack – I was born into a pretty big family in Lincoln, Maine. We had some good times, but there comes a point where you’re just ready to strike out on your own – no matter how much you love your family. When Judith and Linda came along, it just seemed like the right fit. We had so many similar interests and I was ready to see more of the world.
Nellie – I moved around some growing up. Times weren’t always easy, but somehow I always knew there were big things in my future. I’d landed in Bath when I met Linda and Judith. They both seemed to know a lot of words, which appealed to me. I didn’t realize until later that I was becoming part of a family.
2. How would your elementary school classmates remember you? 
Jack – While I haven’t pursued any formalized educational experience, I think those who have known me would remember me as a student of the world. Oh, and a natural warmer if you happen to find yourself treading freezing water in the lake behind your house.
Nellie – This is a ridiculous question. I didn’t go to elementary school. But, fine, if I did, they’d remember me as a real wordsmith. I love words. I’d kill any vocabulary test. Seriously. Try me.
3. Name four fictional characters with whom you’d be okay being stuck in an elevator with. Why them?
Both –
Rin Tin Tin (from Rin Tin Tin) – Rin’s gotten through some pretty serious scrapes. He could definitely handle himself in a stuck elevator situation.
Toto (from The Wizard of Oz) – The books, not the movie, of course – where he could talk. He’s not overly chatty which is nice, but we don’t want to have to completely guess what he’s thinking. Plus, we need to know if he thinks the elevator issue has some kind of Wicked Witch connection.
Tock (from The Phantom Tollbooth) – Not only does he give great advice in dire situations, he’s also part clock. That’s going to make it a lot easier to know how long we’ve been stuck in that elevator.
While both Jack and Nellie were in pretty solid agreement up until this point, their opinion diverged in terms of the last member of their elevator quartet – though they both went in the superhuman direction.
Jack –
The Human Torch (from The Fantastic Four) – Those elevator floors can get pretty cold. If I’m going to be in there for awhile, it would be nice to have someone there to heat them up. And then perhaps melt some of this snow outside after we got out. That would be nice.
Nellie –
Wonder Woman (from Wonder Woman) – Diana Prince would have us out of that elevator in no time. Plus, who doesn’t love Amazons?
4. If you were a cartoon character, what cartoon character would you be?
Jack – I suppose I relate to Pinky – another non-human with the ability to communicate with people. Plus, I always admired his ability to thwart his friend’s less moral attempts under the guise of foolishness so as not to ruin the friendship. He was quite clever.
Nellie – Brain. Brain. Brain. Now, there was a guy who knew what had to be done. I’m telling you, give me a little more time and you’ll be looking at the new Producing Artistic Director.
5. When did you first fall in love with theater?
Jack – One of my first theater experiences was the staged reading of Peter Matthiessen’s Men’s Lives that was done at the Opera House in 2008. Having just moved to Deer Isle, the story of such a similar community really spoke to me. I was thrilled when OHA brought it back this past fall.
Nellie – When I heard there had been raccoons in the Opera House. I was actually pretty disappointed when I found out they weren’t living there anymore. I’d love to chase a good raccoon.
Come down to the Opera House and support all of Jack and Nellie’s hard work – plus, Academy Award Best Picture winner, Birdman, this weekend! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Tosca snow 2005Tosca, the first Opera House dog, enjoying the winter weather of 2005. 
Feeling a little stir crazy with this never-ending snow? Get out of the house and down to the Opera House this weekend for this year’s Best Picture winner, Birdman!