Friday, August 28, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Opera House: The Interns

It's crazy to think that the summer season is almost at an end. We only have three shows left on the summer calendar - tomorrow's Jonathan Edwards concert, Peter Atkinson, and the Derrick Semler Band - and then it is officially fall at the Opera House.

There have been a lot of big shows this summer, sometimes multiple shows on a single night. And for those of us working down here there was really only one thing that kept everything running smoothly...the interns.

Whether they were behind concessions, creating amazing archival and engagement videos, painting and building sets, putting up flyers, working as stage crew, performing on stage, leading us in dance breaks, finding taxidermied seagulls, taking "selfies" of taxidermied seagulls, or any of the other million tasks they performed, OHA's 2015 interns were the tops.

In the words of Lily Felsenthal:

As Intern Coordinator this summer I had the pleasure of working closely with all of our fantastic interns. As a former OHA intern myself, I know how demanding the job can be-- there are always costumes to be sewn, sets to be painted, inventory to be stocked, lights to be hung, and a hundred other things. This year's interns took all of it in stride. They came in early and stayed late, they showed up to rehearse and strike sets and support the staff in the office, they made films and theater pieces and built props and sets. I was so floored by their willingness to jump in and help out wherever they were needed, as well as their eagerness to learn about things they didn't know how to do yet. It was an honor to work with such motivated, talented, creative young people, and I hope they know how valuable their work was and how much they will be missed.

It is very true. Having said good-bye to many of them earlier in the week, the space feels much emptier. But, we wish them absolutely all of the best in the new school year.

Most importantly, however, we send with them our profound gratitude for all their hard work, and the fun and joy they brought to that work. This season would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you!