Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Safe Place for All People

Judy Harrison's story in today's Bangor Daily News is a fine example of how newspapers and other media help us understand the arts as an integral part of community life. Harrison not only connects us with an artist -- Caitlin Shetterly of Portland -- in a clear-sighted exchange. But allows us to see the role of a performing arts organization in a community. The Stonington Opera House is where our Shakespeare work finds its home -- and that's a home for arts, artists, technicians, builders, vendors, volunteers, young people, scholars, vacationers and even critics (such as yours truly). And then there's you. It would be a mistake to say: "We do this ALL for you." I think that's inaccurate. We do it because, as Judy Harrison and Caitlin Shetterly know, the arts are a force that give us meaning -- individually and as a community.

Shakespeare in Stonington is coming soon. Our media team is gearing up this month to meet you here at the Shake Stonington blog site. But don't wait for us. Go see Shetterly's show tonight. And if you can't get to her show, find other arts or be an artist. Either way, your community needs you. Shetterly has it right: The local arts center is a place where we can "all come, experience, live, learn, enjoy, laugh and cry and be human together."