Friday, June 26, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Opera House: Matt Dane & Anastasia Antonacos

This summer’s 9-concert Chamber at the Church series continues this coming Tuesday, June 30 with the extremely talented Matt Dane and Anastasia Antonacos. But before you settle into the transcendent tunes, get to know them a bit better….


Matt Dane
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Bangor and Orono.
How would your elementary school classmates remember you?
I think that my elementary school classmates at Fruit St. School would remember me as fairly shy and a good speller, who liked to play wall-ball at recess.
When did you fall in love with music?
My first memory of the power of music was hearing the Bangor Symphony play Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. It scared me! I really began to love music when I got to know and play string quartets in junior high school.


Anastasia Antonacos
Where did you grow up?
Although I lived in Houston, London, Vermont, and Saudi Arabia as a young kid, I grew up in Saco from the age of 7 on.
How would your elementary school classmates remember you?
Probably a mix of nerdy & a fun-loving kid who loved to be outside.
Name four fictional characters with whom you’d be okay being stuck in an elevator. Why them?
Aslan from Narnia (been reading through the Narnia series with my daughter), because he would make me feel ok about being stuck in an elevator; Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird for similar reasons; Liz Lemon from “30 Rock” because she’d keep me entertained; Jo from Little Women (semi-fictional) because she’d be fun to make up stories with & while away the time.
If you were a cartoon character, which cartoon character would you be?
Wonder Woman, of course!
When did you fall in love with music?
When I was 12, at a concert of young chamber musicians, who were all having so much fun and sounding great!  (Matt Dane may have actually been one of the teenagers in that concert.)
Matt and Anastasia will be at the Burnt Cove Church, Tuesday, June 30 at 7pm, performing Glimpses Beyond in celebration of the summer solstice. Get your tickets while you still can!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday

ER 247The very talented Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Tommy Piper and Craig Baldwin in OHA’s 2011 production of Elizabeth Rex, directed by Peter Richards.
Peter, Kathleen, Tommy and Craig are teaming up again this summer in the seashore production of Chekhov’s dark comedy, The Seagull - July 10-12, 16-19 and 23-26. Seating is limited at breathtaking Ames Farm, so click here get your tickets today!